A quote about visualisation

visu.jpgModeration and visualisation go most often together, depending on the proper selection of appropriate tools. The artist Telse Schnelle-Cölln was part of the group of pioneers who developed the 'metaplan' methods and tools for visualising. They experimented with colours, with size and shape of moderation cards, and gave a lot of background and inspiration for the arrangements of cards on a pinboard. About the use of colours Telse Schnelle-Cölln explained: „everybody knows a festive decorated table.... the rose shrimp salad for example is served on light green lettuce leaves; this again is placed on snow white china. And altogether there is the contrats to the background, e.g. a wooden table ..."
(Telse Schnelle-Cölln, 1983: Visualisierung. Die optische Sprache der Moderation. Metaplan-Reihe Heft 6. S.28)